Custom Screen Printing

We are a rare species in the textile screen printing industry. Why? Well, we dedicate our time to understanding, developing the art of printing with water based ink, because we care about our nature. Unlike Plastisol Inks, which are super toxic and smelly, our water based prints feel super soft and have that vibrant, vintagy look... They might be not as super shiny as the plastic stuff but hey who cares about that...

We are not only screen printers, we are also designers and weavers. We love colours and textiles and you will find that passion in our work.

We have a super low minimum of 12 shirts per order. One of the lowest in the screen printing business. To get an idea that would be sample quote for 17 shirts - one colour/one print - if no artwork is required.

Screen Setup one colour included
Super soft Tee $27 x 17
Shipping is free in Canada over 1000 CAD
Total - $459


Price Breakdown Tees


$28/shirt for 12 shirts

$27/shirt for 17 shirts

$25/shirt for 22 shirts

$23/shirt for 27 shirts

$22/shirt for 36 shirts

$21/shirt for 50 shirts

$20/shirt for 100 shirts

$19/shirt for 200 shirts



Additional Colours/Prints are $2 per shirt. We can print up to seven colours per shirt side. Inside tag less printing is also available. 

If you haven any questions about custom screen printing, don't hesitate do contact us.