Yes, that’s not an “About us” sections. It’s my little story about THREAD WORK!

It was in November 2013 when I fell in love with a small artsy town just outside of Canada's Capital. I knew right away that’s the place where I can pursue my art, where I can develop and maybe change something. I know everybody or every artist think they can change something but hey, I can – or I should try at least, right?!

I studied textiles and photography at NSCAD in Nova Scotia. Did I tell you I love the east coast. That ocean smell, long beach walks, scrunching sand between your toes – nothing is better to get new inspirations. Sorry I digress….

I did fashion shows, was designing my own clothing line, I helped people to wear colour. I was happy but longed for something more and when I felt in love with that artsy town – it just was about right! So I quite basically everything which I did before and opened a small little store in Almonte/Ontario. I had no idea about running a business. Heck, I am an artist - how do I know to run a business?  But if something feels right, there is always a way. And so there was…

Fast forward and two years later, meanwhile I met my future husband and have the cutest son in the world. Of course every mum says that ;), so there was time for a change again. We needed to go online and not only have a brick and mortar store but with the current name (Lola Dot Studio) – people will get confused. THREADWORK was born.

THREADWORK is now more than just a store or boutique. It’s an ongoing passion project about the love for textiles and handcrafted unique items. THREADWORK is also a label for silk screened clothing, designed by us or in collaboration with selected designers.

THREADWORK stands for creative designs and solidarity to our beloved customers. The core purpose of THREAD WORK is to showcase our trademark attitude through unique products. We handpick every designer and piece, and seek out new independent collections that express our spirit. As a result, THREADWORK is always a reflection of the moment – the art, history and the now.

Let’s join us to feel that moment!

Laura (Textile lover, Creative Mind and Talker)